Little Vegan Pesto Mac & Greens

Little Vegan Pesto Mac & Greens

A super greens charged medley of petit pois, leek and brocoli tossed with macaroni pasta and a creamy basil pesto sauce!


    This is a child sized portion.

    Contains wheat.

    May contain nuts.


    Shipped frozen to be reheated in the microwave and eaten within 1 month. 


    Ingredients: peas, leek, broccoli, vegetable stock (sea salt, potato starch, sustainable palm oil, sugar, celery, onion, carrot, parsnip, tomato, yeast extract, caramelised sugar, lovage, tumeric, parsley, black pepper) soya milk, nutritional yeast, cornflour, sunflower oil, basil, water, tofu (soya bean), firming agent (magnesium chloride), cashew nut, potato flakes, pine nuts, macaroni (durum wheat semolina). Contains nuts. 

    Per portion: Cal; 390, Protein;20.9g, Fat; 8.5g, Sat fat; 0.7 g, Carb; 54.7g, Salt; 0.9g.